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Clippers Ruin Kobe's Debut


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Clippers Ruin Kobe's Debut

Friday, October 25 2003

The crowd goes in an uproar when Lakers' guard Kobe Bryant, makes his debut at Arrowhead Pond. This was Kobe's first appearance due to out of court issues. Everyone is thinking at the moment that the Lakers will be unstoppable. But the Los Angeles Clippers stand still, as the captain, Corey Magette, leads his team into battle.

As the ball goes up, the game begins. Leading for the Lakers in the first quarter is the Guard Gary Payton, with 8 points and 4th year veteran Devan George with 5 points. At the end of the First Quarter, the Lakers were leading the Clippers 36 to 24.

The Second Quarter was Kobe's show. He was the star of the quarter with passing and shooting. But still, the Clippers made a stand and with that at halftime the Lakers were trailing.

As the third and fouth quarter went by, the Clippers pulled in at the top. The only person to rise out in the Lakers was the rookie Luke Walton. But still with his efforts, the Lakers lose to the Clippers 101 to 107