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Kobe's Legal Troubles


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Kobe Bryant's Sexual Assult Case

 Wednesday, October 29 2003 

How could it be that out of all of the players in the NBA, Kobe Bryant is accused of sexually assaulting a 19 year old hotel worker at a resort in Colorado? Through his years, Bryant has not had any trouble with the police. Bryant is a trend setter  for the people because when his teammates go partying, he will stay behind. Because of his legal troubles, he has endangered his career. Bryant has risked losing endorsements with McDonalds, Sprite, Spalding, and Upper Deck trading cards, which has said to be estimated at $20 to$22 million a year. Kobe has also endangered his relationships. All of his fans, people who look up to him, even his father may start disliking him because of his behavior. How could one of the most respected players in the NBA be stupid enough to risk everything he could ever want? as said by Reuben Guerrero, a huge fan of Bryant. He commented that he has many posters of Bryant and all of his bedroom is decorated with things about him. 

 Many people have said that they hope Bryant will get his act together soon before the season starts, but it will be tough because of his problems outside of basketball. Two weeks ago Bryant reported that he expects that he will be able to attend pre-season and will return for the regular season.